• Decade-old cookie policy under review

    OMB drafting new guidance to let agencies use function to better understand citizen Web behavior. Draft policy includes opt-in option.

  • DHS to review service contracts worth more than $1 million

    Department decision part of efficiency review to save money and improve business processes.

  • DorobekInsider: The new TSA CIO — Emma Garrison-Alexander

    We have been hearing for weeks now that Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration was close to naming a new CIO…and we have heard that it was a woman and we have heard that she came…

  • Speed reader hired to help Democrats pass new energy bill

    With the help of a speed reader, Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of California successfully guided a so-called “Cap and Trade” bill thru through his Energy and Commerce Committee last week. The bill is formally known…

  • DorobekInsider: NewsChannel 8 talking transparency — the video

    I mentioned earlier that I was on DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight — their Federal News Tonight program — talking about transparency. You can read the “liner notes” here. But they have posted the video of…

  • Combining the Security Councils

    President Barack Obama announced Tuesday he is combining White House staffs dealing with international and homeland security, predicting the change will make Americans safer.

    The Associated Press is reporting, Obama also is creating a new office intended to communicate more effectively with other countries about U.S. security policy.

    The Homeland Security Council, created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, will be kept as a venue for discussing issues concerning domestic security, including terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters and pandemic influenza. Its staff will be integrated into the National Security Council.

  • DorobekInsider: On DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight talking transparency – the liner notes

    I’ll be on DC’s NewsChannel 8 in the 7:30p ET half-hour — their Federal News Tonight program — and I’ll be talking about (what else) transparency. They stream the show live… and I’ll post the…

  • Senior executive requirements changing at DoD

    The Defense Department is going to start requiring senior executives to have held positions in multiple agencies if they want a promotion. Nancy Kichak is OPM’s Associate Director for the Human Resources Policy and tells…

  • Changing the way war fighters are educated

    The changing face of war is changing the way war fighters are educated to prepare for war. The House Armed Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing called Another Crossroads? Professional Military Education Twenty…

  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation scrutinized

    Allegations of contracting misconduct, a former agency head pleads the Fifth, and the possibility of another bailout. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is under the microscope in the Senate Aging Committee. Last week the committee…

  • SAMMIES Tracker: nominee working to end tax fraud

    The IRS continues to work to stamp out the use of offshore accounts to commit tax fraud. The problem has been around for years, but one man’s efforts — along with his team — have…

  • Ask the CHCO: Social Security Administration

    Dr. Reginald Wells Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources May 27, 2009

  • DorobekInsider: June’s Federal News Radio Book Club book — Fired Up or Burned Out

    I am happy to announce the next selection for the Federal News Radio Book Club selection — the book is Fired Up or Burned Out: How to reignite your team’s passion, creativity, and productivity by…

  • Foiled

    We’re learning more about the plot to blow up a synagogue in New York and shoot down military planes in the same area. The men allegedly began their plot in 2008 and were discovered by authorities when they recruited an undercover informant operating out of a mosque into their group. The informant allowed law enforcement agencies to monitor the group’s activities, and gave the men inert plastic explosives and an inoperable FIM-92 ”Stinger” missile two weeks ago.