Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

  • Phased retirement, potential shutdown, and USPS

    This week’s guests on the Your Turn radio program include Bob Braunstein, an expert on the upcoming phased retirement option, and Federal Times Senior Writer Sean Reilly with the latest on the possible shutdown.

  • Shutdown poll: Will they or won’t they?

    Partisan disagreements over President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul have Congress lurching toward a deadline to fund federal agencies in the upcoming fiscal year — or risk a government shutdown. So, what do you think? After all the political rhetoric and wrangling, is the government heading for a shutdown — this time for certain? Take our poll and let us know what you think the odds are.

  • Graybeards rule Survivor Island

    Why are government gray-beards, folks who have been around a long time, in such demand today? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know: Why are these once ignored fossils suddenly being sought out by their frightened, younger colleagues?

  • DoD releases shutdown guidance to employees, warns of furloughs

    Following a memo released from the Office of Management and Budget Wednesday, the Defense Department has issued a memo preparing employees for the possibility of a government shutdown. DoD answers several questions regarding furloughs, pay and retirement during an appropriations lapse.

  • No offense, but is your job really necessary?

    Do the taxpayers really need to keep funding your career? What does the government think about your services? You may find out soon, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

  • OMB issues shutdown guidance to agencies

    The Office of Management and Budget issued a memo Wednesday providing guidance to prepare federal agencies for the possibility of a government shutdown. The memo addressed several frequently asked questions, explaining everything from contracts and grants to the use of IT operations during an appropriations lapse.

  • Shutdown averted, pay freeze extended as Congress passes 2013 funding bill

    The House voted today to approve a measure to fund federal agencies through the remainder of fiscal 2013. The bill averts a government shutdown but extends the freeze on federal employees’ pay through the end of 2013. The bill now heads to President Barack Obama for his signature.

  • Furloughs, buyouts, & retirement surge

    Federal News Radio’s Julia Ziegler, and Sean Reilly and Stephen Losey from the Federal Times, join host Mike Causey to discuss a wide range of issues affecting federal workers. March 13, 2013

  • Government shutdown, furloughs, and more

    Janet Kopenhaver from Federally Employed Woman and Federal Times Senior Writer Sean Reilly, join host Mike Causey to talk about what would happen if the federal government were to shut down. January 16, 2013

  • Obama administration two-sided on openness, expert says

    Angela Canterbury, director of Public Policy at the Project on Government Oversight, said the Obama administration’s efforts at transparency and openness have garnered mixed results.

  • Analysis: Feds have plenty to focus on with omnibus, defense bill unresolved

    Jim McAleese, defense analyst and principal of McAleese and Associates, anticipates some last minute maneuvering from Congress to secure funding for 2012.

  • Shutdown FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about a potential government shutdown as Congress nears its Dec. 16 deadline to reach a budget deal.

  • As Congress nears deal, feds prep for shutdown — just in case

    As the clock ticks closer toward Dec. 16 — when the seventh continuing resolution funding government operations this year is set to expire — speculation about a partial government shutdown has begun swirling.

  • Short-term bill more likely before Friday budget deadline

    With less than three days to reach a budget deal, lawmakers are more likely now to pass a short-term spending measure rather than a $1 trillion omnibus bill for the rest of the fiscal year, which started Oct. 1. The Hill’s Erik Wasson has an update on the budget talks.