• Buy American an issue at annual meeting

    President Obama is facing a lot of pressure from Mexico and Canada to drop the the Buy American provision in the stimulus bill. This weekend the president traveled to Mexico to try to iron out…

  • Strengthening the federal acquisition workforce, Part 2

    The government spent a half-trillion dollars in fiscal year 2008 to procure goods and services. And yet, agencies have fewer and fewer contracting staff to over see all that federal procurement. FederalNewsRadio’s Max Cacas joins…

  • DorobekInsider: Hear the Federal News Radio Book Club — Payback featuring CTO Chopra

    Yes, I’ve been going on and on and on about the fifth meeting of the Federal News Radio Book Club, talking about the book Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation by James P. Andrew and…

  • White House wants 2011 budgets to reflect science and tech priorities

    The White House wants agencies to shift priorities as they develop their fiscal 2011 budget submissions to focus more on the administration’s science and technology priorities.

  • Senate: Curb abuse of fed contract award fee rollovers

    In the private sector, it’s not unusual for a vendor to have incentive clauses written into a contract, but in federal contracting, agencies sometimes employ the practice of ”rollovers”, extending additional opportunities to earn bonuses even to contractors who come up short on their contractual performance. And that is a matter of concern for one Senate oversight committee.

  • The Role of the OFPP in Government Acquisition

    Angela Styles Partner Crowell & Moring August 4th, 2009

  • An ID management transition

    ID management can sound, well, boring. But there is something of a transition going on with government identity management — shifting more from getting HSPD-12 cards out to people to now focusing on what you…

  • Groups want public opinion about federal transparency

    FederalNewsRadio has been following the development of the Obama administration’s open government and transparency initiative. The federal government used an innovative way of reaching out to include the public in the development of that policy…

  • Let the sunshine!

    The U.S. Army has picked two firms — Clark Energy Group of Bethesda, and Acciona Solar Power of Henderson, Nevada — to help develop and build the largest solar power array in the Department of Defense. It will be built at Fort Irwin, in California’s Mojave Desert. When complete, the solar farm will generate 500 megawatts using photovoltaic cells, and solar concentrators, which turns the heat of the sun into electricity.

  • Getting fire’s goat

    The goat is traditionally the mascot of the U.S. Navy. But at Camp Williams in Utah, the Army National Guard is putting goats to work as fire protection officers.

    Since 1999, the Utah Guard has enlisted more than 12-hundred goats and sheep to consume sagebrush and oak brush that usually become fuel for wildfires. Goat-created firebreaks stopped big fires from spreading in 2001, and 2006.

  • DorobekInsider: GSA and the Recovery Board release the redacted contract

    We have been telling you about the the Recovery and Transparency Board and the General Services Administration, which acted as the Recovery Board’s acquisition team, $9.5 million contact award to Smartronix for the next generation…

  • President nominates Werfel to be OMB controller

    He also nominates new CPSC commissioner and chairwoman of Merit Systems Protection Board.

  • DorobekInsider: One day until the Federal News Radio Book Club with CTO Chopra discussing Payback

    I have been going on and on and on about the fifth meeting of the Federal News Radio Book Club. Well, tomorrow is the big day. The “meeting” of the book club comes up at…

  • GAO: DHS biohazard lab plans are flawed

    We’ve told you about a leaked draft report from the Government Accountability Office, which says that the government moved too quickly on establishing a bio-hazard lab in Kansas. Now, the full report has been released.…