• Elizabeth (Kitty) Wooley Nomination

    Elizabeth (Kitty) Wooley, with the Department of Education, was nominated for a Causey Award for the unique ways she created for federal managers to collaborate on best practices.

  • Sabrina Segal Nomination

    Sabrina Segal, with the U.S. Agency for International Development, was nominated for a Causey Award for her development of a wiki to assist in the ethical decision making of her fellow attorneys.

  • Neil Barofsky Nomination

    Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, was nominated for a Causey Award for building the TARP office from the ground up.

  • SAMMIE Finalist reassured while averting disaster

    His conviction that the Treasury’s debt office was on the verge of disaster much like 2005 when the Federal Emergency Management Agency was ill-equipped to handle Hurricane Katrina led him to push for a complete overhaul of the risk management tools used to issue the national debt. Meet Karthik Ramanathan: SAMMIE finalist.

  • Jennie Liming, GSA

    Jennie Liming is one of seven winners of Federal News Radio’s 2010 Causey Awards. Liming was nominated for creating, implementing, and managing a program to develop entry-level employees at GSA.

  • 2010 SAMMIES honor the best in civil service

    The Service to America Medals (Sammies) awards program pays tribute to America’s dedicated federal workforce, highlighting those who have made significant contributions to our country. Max Stier, President of the Partnership for Public Service, gives us a preview of today’s announcement

  • SAMMIES nominee making incalculable contributions to understanding

    Dr. Ian Spielman pioneered a new area of research in government that’s helping scientists understand crucial, but currently intractable, mysteries of physics — like an explanation of something called high-temperature superconductivity.Spielman is a Physicist at…

  • SAMMIES Tracker: Cooler and greener

    You’re driving a cooler and more eco-friendly federal fleet today, at least when it comes to air conditioning. That’s in part because of 26-year old Kristen Taddonio. Her work as Director of Climate Choice at…

  • SAMMIES Tracker: F-35 Support Systems

    Jared Summers is the Sustainment Implementation Lead for F-35 Support Systems. He helped reduced costs for the government by $200 million. He’s also a SAMMIES finalist. FederalNewsRadio is talking to all of the finalists for…

  • SAMMIES Tracker: Allan Comp’s Hardrock cachet

    Some of the most environmentally degraded communities can be found in Appalachian coal country and the Western Hardrock mining region. Dr. Allan Comp, a program analyst with the Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface…

  • GAO’s Watchdog Extraordinaire

    The Transportation Security Administration’s Secure Flight program has been operational since the beginning of the year. The system screens airline passengers against the terrorist watch list. Cathleen Berrick is the managing director of Homeland Security…

  • SAMMIES Tracker: nominee working to end tax fraud

    The IRS continues to work to stamp out the use of offshore accounts to commit tax fraud. The problem has been around for years, but one man’s efforts — along with his team — have…

  • Work is Fun for SAMMIE Nominee

    Sniffing the air for anthrax has never been more high-tech. Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have come up with sensors that can diagnose infectious diseases, track airborne toxins and even detect explosives in…

  • The Sammie Awards

    The Oscar Awards come up on Sunday, but for the government, it is nomination season. There are only a few more weeks to nominate feds for the Partnership for Public Service’s Service to America Medals,…