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  • What to expect during a DCAA system audit

    April 20th Being audited by the DCAA is a necessary outcome of doing business with the government. Tune into this week’s Gov Con Straight Talk with Microsoft to learn what to expect during a DCAA system audit and what government contactors can do today to help ensure they successfully pass when faced with an audit. The panel will also address how CFOs of government contractors can set their organizations up for success by building a financial management foundation with growth options in out years.

  • GAO: Cybersecurity weak at all federal agencies

    Bill would make cybersecurity diplomatic priority, NSA on the Flash-Media Hunt, Senate stalls cyber commander to probe digital war

  • Dee Lee lets loose

    Deidre Lee Executive Vice President Professional Services Council August 31st, 2009

  • Agencies trying to find balance between Web 2.0, cybersecurity

    Coast Guard wants to set up separate network to use social media sites. CIO Council looking at cybersecurity implications of these tools.

  • Federal Security Spotlight preview

    Can you think like a hacker? That’s the subject of this week’s Federal Security Spotlight, which airs tomorrow at 10 a.m. Host Tom Temin Tom talked to Robert Young, an associate professor specializing in information…

  • Getting schooled in cybersecurity

    Prof. Robert Young National Defense University August 20, 2009

  • GSA recognizes contracting excellences

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor FederalNewsRadio Denise Jones, a contract specialist for the Defense Contract Management Agency, is $5,000 richer. The General Services Administration honored Jones today for acquisition excellence by giving her the Ida…

  • DLA buying, and helping, in bulk

    The Defense Logistics Agency is rolling out the blankets and cots, loading up on fuel, and stocking food all in preparation for this year’s hurricane season. Recently, the agency conducted a mock exercise with FEMA…

  • USAF takes virtual training to third dimension

    Of the places where virtual worlds technology is generating so much buzz, probably the most excitement comes in the area of education, especially distance learning.

  • National Security: how Tweet it is

    By Jane Norris FederalNewsRadio Are Facebook and Twitter essential to national security? Two researchers at the National Defense University say the answer is yes and they are calling on the Pentagon to use social media…

  • Acquisition Help Wanted

    The Pentagon plans to hire tens of thousands of acquisition workers over the next five years. What kind of education and training does it take to get into this field? Charles Tompkins is a professor…

  • For federal workforce training must be the top priority

    New book highlights possible way forward to change HR system

  • High hopes for biodiesel

    Using grease from the nation’s fast food joints to power military aircraft