• Celebrating Police Week and a preview of WIFLE 2015 training

    Tony Vergnetti, hosts a roundtable discuss of Police Week 2015 and the upcoming Women in Federal Law Enforcement leadership training. May 8, 2015

  • The FBI counterintelligence AD covers current threats

    Randall Coleman, assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Department and Charles Kable, section chief of the Counterespionage Section, join host Debra Roth to discuss counterintelligence and insider threats and what the FBI is doing to stop them. April 24, 2015

  • Agency customer service initiatives

    ForeSee Vice President Dave Lewan and Abby Herriman, senior vice president of Delivery and Innovation at HighPoint Global, join host Jason Briefel for a wide ranging discussion of customer service initiatives in the federal government. April 10, 2015

  • GAO’s report on federal employee performance

    Jenny Mattingley hosts a roundtable discussion of the recently released Government Accountability Report on federal employee performance. March 20, 2015

  • Human capital in the public and private sectors

    Jason Briefel hosts a roundtable discussion of human capital and how the public and private sectors are collaborating. March 6, 2015

  • Federal legislative roundtable discussion

    Jason Briefel hosts a roundtable discussion of the top federal issues, including DHS funding and the federal employee pay raise. February 20, 2015

  • Preview of the Federal Manager’s Association training seminar

    Tony Vergnetti hosts a roundtable discussion of the upcoming training seminar at the Federal Manager’s Association convention. February 6, 2015

  • Law enforcement fatality trends

    Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Acting President Nate Catura, and Steve Groeninger, senior director of Communications and Marketing for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, discuss the preliminary law enforcement fatality statistics for 2014. January 23, 2015

  • Acquisition reform

    Today’s FEDtalk will feature a roundtable discussion of one of this year’s hottest topics – acquisition reform. January 9, 2015

  • The federal workforce year in review

    Debra Roth hosts a roundtable discussion of the “hot” federal workforce topics in 2014, and what will be the big issues in 2015. December 19, 2014

  • What’s ahead for federal CIOs and CTOs?

    Jenny Mattingley hosts a roundtable discussion with federal CIOs and CTOs, about how their jobs have changed over the years, and the future opportunities and challenges they see on the horizon. December 5, 2014

  • Public interest watchdogs discuss agency watchdogs

    Project on Government Oversight general counsel Scott Amey and Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project join host Debra Roth to talk about the inspector general community and the challenges IGs face in identifying fraud, waste, and abuse in the federal government. November 21, 2014

  • Meet a few groups that support federal employees

    Joan Melanson of Long Term Care Partners, FEEA’s Robyn Kehoe, and GEICO’s Rynthia Rost join host Debra Roth to discuss how their organizations support feds. November 7, 2014

  • Congressional ethics

    Jenny Mattingley hosts a wide-ranging roundtable discussion of congressional ethics. October 17, 2014