Federal Drive

  • DHS tackles security in sports arenas

    The Office of Infrastructure Protection leads the coordinated national program to reduce and mitigate risk within commercial facilities, including sports arenas. DHS Assistant Secretary Todd Keil tells us about a conference exploring the issue.

  • NIST restructuring bill passes committee

    Major malware campaign abuses unfixed PDF flaw

  • Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – April 29th

    GSA defends budget plans for 2011, Foreign contractors could face U.S. courts, House approves improper payment legislation, Army modernization stresses affordability, FEMA launches mobile website

  • Analysis: Agency budget uncertainty is justified

    Agency budgets are about to hit the chopping block, and none too soon. Congressional expert and Senior Editor of American Banker, Jodi Schneider, says to expect continuing resolutions come the fall.

  • Groves says Census enumerators are ready

    Census Bureau gears up for the most difficult part of its high-stakes count. Today, officials will announce the final mail participation rate. Then, beginning May 1, more than 600,000 census workers will fan out across the country to knock on the doors of those who did not respond by mail. Census Director Doctor Robert Groves explains where we are and what’s next.

  • VA pilots a Medical Foster Home program

    Medical Foster Home is a type of Community Residential Care home chosen by the Veteran who is unable to live independently, as a preferred means to receive family-style living with room, board, and personal care. Director of the Medical Foster Home program, Dr. Thomas Edes, explains how it all works.

  • The Hunt: Bin Laden had ‘no clue’

    Osama bin Laden had no idea the U.S. would hit al-Qaida as hard as it has since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, a former bin Laden associate tells National Security Correspondent JJ Green in an exclusive interview.

  • iPad trojan opens backdoor for hackers

    Microsoft re-releases botched Windows 2000 update

  • Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – April 28th

    OPM hiring reform memo nearly ready, Defense Travel System may never be fixed, Predator Bees may be headed to Texas, Rep. Norton criticizes US Park Police, USCG diversity hits problems

  • Contractor Misconduct Database updated

    A government watchdog group finds multiple instances of documented misconduct by more than 6 in 10 of the government’s top 100 contractors. Lockheed Martin topped the list from the Project on Government Oversight. Scott Amey, General Counsel and a contracting specialist for POGO, has details.

  • MoCo to host procurement conference for businesses

    Capture your share of record-breaking Federal procurement spending and grow your business by meeting with Federal, State, and Local contract and acquisition officers, prime contractors, and 800 government contractors to team with at the May 5th Congressional Procurement Conference and Expo. Barbara Ashe and Michael Bowlds from the Chamber of Commerce give us the details.

  • Federal Human Capital Collaborative works on reforms

    Government group works to identify critical issues, highlight best practices, facilitate problem solving and develop strategies to affect change across government. John Palguta, Vice President of Policy at the Partnership for Public Service explains.

  • Feds fail to fork over millions in fees

    The federal government is refusing to pay millions of dollars in water bills, and that means the additional cost will trickle down to the customer. WTOP Investigative Reporter Mark Segraves tells us about what he’s learned.

  • Defense medical technology goes transformational

    Transformational Medical Technologies Initiative (TMTI) was pioneered by The Department of Defense to better prepare and protect the warfighter and the nation from emerging, genetically engineered, and unknown biothreat agents. Director David Hough gives us details on how that’s done.