• Army Materiel moving from Belvoir to ‘Bama

    The Army Material Command is moving from Ft. Belvoir to Redstone Arsenal. At least most of it is. We get an update from Kate Kelley, chief of the BRAC office.

  • Bill would freeze JFCOM BRAC closing

    ’Stop loss’ back pay goes unclaimed

  • Agencies have plans, now will go green

    The White House releases 56 agency sustainability plans showing how the government will meet an assortment of energy efficiency goals. Federal Environmental Executive Michelle Moore said ideas run the gamut from recycling to computer power management. The administration is hosting the GreenGov Symposium in October to help educate and promote agency goals.

  • DISA braces for BRAC and the Beltway

    DISA’s Dave Bullock has done the loops and the laps. He tells us what he’s found.

  • Lawmakers join forces in a BRAC fightback

    DISA’s BRAC move includes a huge commute, TRICARE coverage extended to those under 60

  • Building more secure buildings

    Ensuring buildings are safe from the ground up.

  • Herdt’s IT experience helps make GSA’s Public Buildings Service greener, smarter

    This week, host Jason Miller talks with Diane Herdt about GSA’s initiative to use technology to improve the energy efficiencies of the buildings the government owns. Aug. 26, 2010

  • Energy contracts help agencies reach green goals

    DoE set up Energy Savings Performance Contracts with several different companies to work under a share-in-savings approach to reduce agency utility bills. Agencies do not have to pay upfront costs to move electricity or other infrastructure away from fossil fuels. The contracts could help agencies meet the White House’s carbon footprint and greenhouse goals.

  • Sammies nominee creates eco-friendly building

    A building that runs on almost no energy. It’s not magic, it’s called a net zero building — and the Energy Department can now boast of creating the world’s largest.

  • Army sends in tech squad to fix cemetery

    CIO’s office detailed experts to assess the problems, and formulate a plan to improve how Arlington National Cemetery manages and tracks veterans’ records. Lt. Gen. Sorenson says the first thing is to ensure the data is correct. He says the end result could include an online capability to find out where loved ones are buried.

  • GAO explains why your building might not be safe

    Among other issues, the GAO finds Facility Security Committees have operated since 1995 without procedures that outline how they should operate or make decisions, or that establish accountability. Mark Goldstein, Director of Physical Infrastructure Issues at GAO has more details.

  • Marines are on the move to Guam

    Defense officials characterized the realignment of U.S. forces in the Pacific as a strategic move, similar to domestic Base Realignment and Closure moves. We get an update from David Bice, Executive Director of the Joint Guam Program Office.

  • Uncle Sam: When in Doubt Move Something

    Federal agencies move operations, and people, all the time. Sometimes the reasons are noble: to save taxpayer money, improve operations and for national security. Sometimes they are part of empire-building or please-a-politician reason. Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s column today.

  • Alabama becomes new federal hot spot

    In 2005, the BRAC recommended the Missile Defense Agency move most of its operations out to Redstone Arsenal in northern Alabama.