Workforce Rights/Governance

  • Debra Roth and Janice Simons talk with American Foreign Service Association state vice president Louise Crane, director of congressional relations Kennon Nakamura, and labor management specialist James York about current initiatives. (rebroadcast) Click to Listen…

    November 05, 2004
  • Guests Mike Styles, Pres., and Thomas Richards, Governmental Affairs Representative, with the Federal Managers Association talk about their current initiatives with hosts Bill Bransford and Eugene Kim. Click to Listen to the Show

    October 15, 2004
  • Happy Columbus Day Weekend! This will be a selection from “FEDtalk favorites:” MD-715 will be discussed by Michael Dole, director of workforce analysis and evaluation at VA, and Delia Johnson, director of the office of…

    October 08, 2004
  • The Service to America Medal Award winners will be further celebrated with Bethany Hardy, press secretary from Partnership for Public Service, and hosts Debra Roth and Will Hughes. Click to Listen to the Show

    October 01, 2004
  • Tony Vergnetti and Walter Shaub talk with Kathryn Troutman, The Resume Place, about seeking federal jobs. Click to Listen to the Show

    September 24, 2004
  • John Palguta, vice president of policy and research for the Partnership for Public Service, discusses the current public attitude regarding the federal government and government workers with Diana Veileux and Lisa Bernstein. Click to Listen…

    September 17, 2004
  • Diana Veilleux and Will Hughes discuss the American Disabilities Act with Dinah Cohen, the Director of C.A.P. Ms. Cohen was a featured speaker at the 19th Annual Federal Dispute Resolution Conference. (Rebroadcast – No phone…

    September 03, 2004
  • Hosts Debra Roth and Walter Shaub talk about the current state of the SES and review the newly released SES pay regulations with Carol Bonosaro, president of the Senior Executives Association. Click to Listen to…

    August 27, 2004
  • Guest: Ana Galindo-Marrone, Office of Special Counsel. Rebroadcast from November 14, 2003. No phone calls, please.

    August 20, 2004
  • Misuse of IT systems in the Federal Government and discussed by hosts Tony Vergnetti and Will Hughes and guests Latonia Parham from FDA and Leslie Violette from USDA. Both guests are featured speakers at the…

    August 13, 2004
  • Judy Wheat and Tom Sullivan will host Roslyn Brown, the Director of the Discrimination Complaint Review Unit at IRS, to discuss Tele-ADR. Ms. Brown is a featured speaker at the 19th Annual Federal Dispute Resolution…

    August 06, 2004
  • Bill Bransford and Eugene Kim host Patricia Wolfe, President of Federally Employed Women (FEW), and Janet Kopenhaver, Washington Representative for FEW to talk about the roles of Women in the Federal Government. Click to Listen…

    July 16, 2004
  • Guest: Margaret Stevens, First National Vice President of Blacks in Government, Inc. about issues faced by minorities in government today. Click to Listen To the Show

    July 09, 2004
  • Judy Wheat and Tom Sullivan talks with Steve Katz about his book, “Lion Taming: Working Successfully with Leaders, Bosses, and Other Tough Customers.” Click to Listen To the Show

    June 25, 2004

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