Workforce Rights/Governance

  • Federal Workers’ Comp

    Shelby Hallmark, Director of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs at DoL, discusses Federal Workers’ Comp. programs with hosts Diana Veilleux and Lisa Bernstein. Click to Listen to the Show

  • FBI: Spreading the Word

    Neal Schiff and Rex Tomb of the Fugitive Publicity & Public Affairs Unit at FBI discuss fugitive publicity with hosts Tony Vergnetti and Janice Kullman. Click to Listen to the Show

  • DHS Personnel System

    Ron Sanders, the Associate Director of Strategic Human Resources Policy at OPM, discusses the new DHS Personnel System with hosts Bill Bransford and Will Hughes. Click to Listen to the Show

  • DHS Personnel Changes

    Diana Veilleux and Walter Shaub discuss the DHS personnel system with guests T.J. Bonner, President of AFGE’s National Border Patrol Council, and Mark Roth, general counsel for AFGE. Click to Listen to the Show

  • Policy Roundup

    FederalNewsRadio’s Senior Correspondent Mike Causey tackles the tough federal issues with hosts Debra Roth and Tom Sullivan. Click to Listen to the Show

  • TSA Employment Issues

    Sharron Pinnock of AFGE discusses current issues regarding the Transportation Security Administration with hosts Bill Bransford and Will Hughes. Click to Listen to the Show

  • Privatization Possibilities in SSA

    This week the head of the National Social Security Council at AFGE, Witold Skwierczynski, will discuss privatization possibilities at the Social Security Administration with hosts Diana Veilleux and Eugene Kim. Click to Listen to the…

  • FinCEN Update

    Happy New Year! While we are trying to stay warm, we will be replaying another FEDtalk favorite. William Fox, the Director of FinCEN, will be discussing the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network with Debra Roth and…

  • Preventing Workplace Violence

    Happy Holidays! In the spirit of the holidays, we will be replaying a FEDtalk Favorite about preventing workplace violence. Guest Mary Tyler, from OPM’s Work/Life Programs, will be chatting with Diana Veilleux and Janice Simons.…

  • FOIA

    Richard Huff, Co-Director of the Office of Information and Privacy, DoJ, joins hosts Bill Bransford and Tony Vergnetti take your calls and e-mail about FOIA and the Privacy Act of 1974. Click to Listen to…

  • Border Issues

    Jayson “J” Ahern, the Assistant Commissioner in the Office of Field Operations, will be updating Tony Vergnetti and Janice Simons on projects of the US Customs and Border Protection, DHS. Click to Listen to the…

  • Dodging Credit Fraud

    FBI Supervisory Special Agents John Gillies, from the Criminal Investigative Division, and John Hambrick, from the Cyber Division, share some helpful tips to avoid credit card fraud and identity theft with hosts Debra Roth and…

  • Security Clearances

    Happy Thanksgiving! This week’s FEDtalk Favorite features Leon Schachter, the DoD General Counsel from the Office of Hearings and Appeals. He discusses Security Clearances with Bill Bransford and Lisa Bernstein. (Originally aired March 26, 2004)…

  • Post-Election Politics

    George Gould, National Assn. of Letter Carriers, talks about the post-election political environment with hosts Debra Roth and Janice Coleman. Click to Listen to the Show