Auld Acquaintance

If you are working today either you and your mission are very important or you are, in the words of an IRS employee, a closet thespian. An actor. As in you are acting as if you were important. Or at least working. I know. I know. You are thinking “look who’s talking,” right? Or at least “look who’s typing.”

None of us are perfect, especially during the week between Christmas and New Year when things, we hope, are slow.

So whether you are helping to save the republic or you are playing video games or checking your portfolio, or slaving over a hot PC like yours truly and the dedicated (hah!) staff of FederalNewsRadio, we made it through another year. The pay raise came through. The retirement system wasn’t abolished. Pink slips did not reign down from the heavens for most of us.

Collectively it was a pretty good year. So we wish you more of the same. If you are retiring, have fun. Stay healthy. Lots of people pull the plug. Even if you are leaving work, don’t leave us. Switch your e-mail address to your home address. Being retired doesn’t mean going into a state of suspended animation.

Wednesday, it’s back to work. Get ready for another federal pay fight during the year. And expect Congress to drag out the usual suspects as it looks for ways to save money. We’ll also be on buyout alert, early-out alert, and working rumor control to knock down those internet warnings that are often disguised as “news” stories.

So whether you are on or off today, Happy New Year from all of us!

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