Left Behind

People who are leaving town for the holidays – the smart people that is – have already left town. That leaves you and me. Me here and you there. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Those of us left behind can only hope that our fleeing friends, neighbors and coworkers don’t decide to beat traffic by all leaving at the same time. Like this morning. If so, it will create the mother of all traffic jams in many cities, and create chaos as many stay-at-homes do last minute shopping.

The good news, if you could use some rest, is that this week for most will be a short week. And the week that follows it. Parking at work should be easier. The commute should be easier. But you, me, them, those who remain at the office during this festive time of year are kind of sad when you think about it.

The salvation, if there is one, is that in the case of feds, many of you have jobs that are so important that your post must be manned all the time. And even if it isn’t all that important, as in life or death, health, safety or national security, you can pretend it’s important. It might fool some of your neighbors, maybe even some of your out-of-town relatives. It is worth a shot. Trust me. I’ve been doing it for years.

So if you are working today, hang in there. If you are reading this from home, good for you. If you are at your destination, congratulations on getting access to whoever you are staying with’s computer.

And if you are poised to take off. Or to return to the office, timing the traffic, guessing what others will do, your faith is touching. So childlike it is almost sweet. Because you know you’re going to lose.

Just be careful. Buckle up and report back here ASAP.

Meantime, Merry Christmas!!

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