Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This is one of those holidays (Veterans Day being another) when a lot of people who work outside of the government wish, at least for the day, they were insiders. So they could go outside and play, shop, sleep or whatever.

Because it is a federal holiday, most government offices will be closed although tens of thousands of federal and postal people are on the job today. Banks will be closed today because they have to be.

But for many other workers this is a non-holiday. For people in retail, who work in restaurants, movie theaters, parking lots, this is an important work day.

Working round the clock, weekends and holidays, has long been a routine for feds who work in VA and Public Health Service hospitals, law enforcement, immigration and border patrol. And in the intelligence community.


But since the attacks of 9/11, and those in London, Madrid and all over the Middle East, many more people find themselves working on days when most people aren’t.

So if it is appropriate, and you are working today (as we are), thanks and well done. If you are off, enjoy yourself. Ignore the market news and remember that there is a pay raise coming in January for nonpostal feds, and a cost of living adjustment coming in January. For more on that, click here.

Also, there is the potential for a bonus holiday on Friday, Dec. 26, the day AFTER Christmas. It’s up to the president to decide, but based on past practice, it has a good shot. For the background on that nonholiday holiday, click here.

Nearly Useless Factoid

This is the International Year of the Potato. According to the IYP website, boiling is the most common method of potato preparation worldwide.

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