Coronavirus: The Need for a Vaccine Credential

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At a recent Defense Department sponsored conference, attendees had to prove they had been vaccinated. Maybe they pulled out the piece of cardboard from the CDC they received after getting vaccinated. Maybe they showed a photo of that card on their phone.

This conference was among the first signs that there is some sense of normalcy coming back after more than a year of the pandemic.

With more than 160 million Americans having received at least one dose the COVID-19 vaccination, the broader question now must be asked, what steps do we as a society need to take to return to the pre-COVID times of concerts, movies, sporting events and the like where we all don’t have to worry about a massive outbreak?

One idea is to use vaccine credentials as the key to open up society.

The idea would be to create privacy-preserving health status verification apps that need to be as easy as online banking.

They must be digital first, but not digital only to ensure all citizens have the wherewithal to take advantage of this vaccine credential.

Technology companies and the federal, state and local governments must address concerns and fears—real or perceived–about the vaccine credential, including those around privacy and security of medical data.

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Panel of experts

  • Sandra Beattie

    First Deputy Director, Division of Budget, State of New York

  • Tim Paydos

    Vice President and General Manager, Government, IBM

  • JP Pollak

    Founder and Chief Architect, The Commons Project

  • Dr. Jay Schnitzer

    Vice President, Chief Technology and Medical Officer, MITRE

  • Jason Miller

    Executive Editor, Federal News Network

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