Edge computing – not to be confused with users’ own devices – has in the past been an expensive and, at times, a logistically difficult undertaking because of the weight, power and human-intensive maintenance requirements of computers capable of processing data- or cycle-intensive applications. Now powerful and flexible machines that take up no more space than an overhead-bin suitcase have become available and as such change the economics for the benefits of edge computing, provided that agency IT architectures are designed to incorporate them.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following IT practitioners outline the use cases for edge computing and approaches for taking advantage of it:

  • Anne Dalton, Senior Solutions Specialist, Data Science and Edge, Red Hat
  • Frank Indiviglio, Deputy Director, High Performance Computing and Communications, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
  • Ted Okada, Chief Technology Officer, FEMA
  • Paul Puckett, Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, Army
  • Curt Smith, VP, GPU Datacenter Architect, NVIDIA
  • Dr. Jonathan M. Smith, Program Manager, Information Innovation Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Jeff Winterich, Chief Technologist to the DoD, HPE

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