What does it take achieve great customer service in government?

President Joe Biden’s customer experience executive order, issued in December, aims to make government work more effectively, not be as confusing and more straightforward. The executive order directs agencies to modernize programs, reduce administrative burdens, and pilot new online tools and technologies that can provide simple, seamless customer service.

In this executive briefing, the following experts will discuss the 5 success factors of frictionless digital services for citizens.

  • Ken Corbin, Chief Taxpayer Experience, Officer, IRS
  • Niki French, Customer Service Branch Manager, Transportation Security Administration
  • Ben Sweezy, Director, Federal Digital Strategy, Salesforce
  • Mia Jordan, Digital Transformation Executive, Global Public Sector, Salesforce
  • Emily Mella, Chief Experience Officer, Administration for Children and Families, Health and Human Services Department
  • Colt Whittall, Chief Experience Officer, Department of the Air Force
  • Wendy Bhagat, Director, Product Marketing and Delivery, Office of Federal Student Aid

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