A new space race of vital importance to the United States has emerged. The race to get to space has become a superhighway used by several nations and a burgeoning commercial space industry.

The new race has two concerns. One, improving communications services in space among satellites, and between satellites and earth. Two, protecting vital and growing commercial and government space assets on which so many federal missions depend.

In this exclusive executive briefing, the following experts will discuss the wide-area broadband about to go out of this world.

  • Austin Baker, Deputy Director for the Army Space Portfolio, at the Defense Innovation Unit
  • Kevin Bell, Senior Vice President, Space Systems Group, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Allison McCall, Chief Information Officer, National Technical Information Service
  • Chris Ransbottom, Director of Defense Segment, Ciena Government Solutions Inc. (CGSI)
  • Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer and Deputy Digital Transformation Officer, NASA
  • Jim Westdorp, Chief Technologist, Ciena Government Solutions Inc. (CGSI)

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