Intelligent automation and technology risk management – Federal News Network conducted surveys to summarize two of the latest trends in government technology. Federal employees, IT and cyber executives across multiple agencies had their chance to weigh in – see what they had to say.  

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Every organization, regardless of scale, must figure out how to properly manage the risk that technology introduces to its business or mission. As agencies have become more digital and agile over the last few years, the need for risk management tools and processes across all technology devices and endpoints has become crucial to protecting data and citizens.

In this survey, IT and cyber executives from Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Justice, Army, Department of State and Joint Force HQ-DoDIN say technology risk management is a balancing act of cybersecurity, mission and personnel.

In the world of federal technology, the one trend that emerged over the last six months is the coronavirus pandemic emphatically reminded non-IT people about the value of IT. Without a solid network, without enough bandwidth and without the devices needed to connect, the government’s mission is more than severely hindered, it all but stalls out.

In this survey, agency technology executives from Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Education, Navy, Army and NOAA Fisheries say the pandemic emergency both accelerated agency IT modernization efforts and broke the “why and how much” cycle asked by many non-IT executives.

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