Trade fair offers a vision of Telework 2020

As the lame duck Congress returns, hopefully to reconcile telework bills H.R. 1722 and S. 707 sometime this year, there’s another, larger gathering considering the future of telework as well. Far into the future.

“A large number of futurologists are predicting a fundamental restructuring of labor markets up to the year 2020,” writes Electronic Component News. “More flexible working employment relationships,” like free-lancing and self-employment will offer opportunities for a flexible workforce, consultant Renate Schuh-Eder told the electronica 2010 trade fair in Munich.

At the same time, said publicist and freelance journalist, Christine Demmer, the new workforce options will mean new challenges for management.

“In view of an increasing number of flexible employment relationships, employers cannot just demand – also on account of the increasing shortage of skilled workers – flexibility from one side. In return, companies must also offer employees incentives to enter into suitable employment relationships. This will also include the creation of an attractive working environment and the willingness to provide flexible offers regarding working hours and telework opportunities.”

The key for both sides, it would seem, will be more flexibility in the relationship.