Cybersecurity and telework make an interesting team

Federal executives, both civilian and defense, say cybersecurity plays a big part in where they decide to do their work.

More than a hundred federal executives randomly selected from Government Executive’s subscribers from 28 federal agencies including Army, Homeland Security, Treasury, and the United States Postal Service participated in a May survey titled Cybersecurity in Government: Balancing Access, Functionality, and Mobility.

More than half the respondents, 52%, said their agency security restrictions are so tight, they’re limited to working within the confines of their agency’s buildings.

Curiously, those same restrictions drive those same executives to work anywhere but at the office. Sixty percent say say they often work at home. Many say they have to take work home because that’s the only place they can access the information they need to get their job done.

A majority of respondents surveyed are provided with a laptop by their agency (61 percent), and more than one-third have agency-issued smartphones (35 percent).

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