New shared services organization to be model for all of DoD

The new Pentagon technology shared service went live July 20, and is moving toward full operating capability in the coming year. The move to full operational capability is developing the roadmap for others across DoD to follow.

Defense Department chief information officer Terry Halvorsen said he’s pleased where the Joint IT Single Service Provider-Pentagon (JITSSPP) is today.

Barbara Hoffman, DoD’s deputy chief management officer, said the last 45-to-60 days they have been looking at contract consolidation and the best way to merge the two main components of this new organization—the Army IT Agency (ITA) and Enterprise Information Technology Service Division (EITSD).

“We are still working some of our initial service consolidations for video teleconferencing, service desk and the computer network defense,” Hoffman said during a recent call with reporters. “That is all moving along nicely and we are now entering into the phase for when we go FOC, which is an undetermined time, but we do have to start thinking and prepping for that.”

We first reported the Pentagon’s decision to consolidate the technology infrastructure and services provided to those offices who work in the Pentagon building.

This effort could be the first of many consolidations.

Halvorsen said his office will pay close attention to the lessons learned with the joint IT services office.

“Once this model is in place and we’ve done this, the Pentagon isn’t the only place that exists where there is not a clear service provider,” he said. “For example, if you go to a Navy base, generally the Navy is the clear service provider. We are working how that will apply to all the people are tenants to that base. But there are areas in the world where that isn’t clear and this needs to become the model so we have that right, joint-service model in those areas where there isn’t one provider to consolidate on so we get the same effect.”

Halvorsen said joint bases without a clear single service provider could be the next targets for this type of consolidation.

“I think it will be a model for overseas locations where we have some of this. There isn’t a single lead service that dominates the provider of enterprise services,” he said.

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