NSA rolls out specifics of its reorganization

The National Security Agency’s first reorganization in more than 20 years will revolve around four new directorates trying to address three key themes: people, integration and innovation.

Adm. Mike Rogers, NSA’s director and commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, announced his long-awaited plans Feb. 8, saying the “new structure will enable us to consolidate capabilities and talents to ensure that we’re using all of our resources to maximum effect to accomplish our mission, and to make sure that each of you has the opportunity to grow and develop in your career at NSA.”

Over the next two years, NSA will integrate its two core missions foreign signals intelligence and information assurance across the new directorates:

  • Workforce and Support Activities
  • Business Management and Acquisition
  • Engagement and Policy, Operations
  • Capabilities, and Research

NSA says the “position the Agency to meet increasingly complicated challenges stemming from the proliferation of asymmetric threats to national security, the rapid evolution of the global communications network, fast-growing demand for NSA’s products and services, and the continuing evolution of our cyber mission.”

Rogers didn’t offer any more specifics on how the new directorates would work, be staffed or the timing for them to be set up.

The CIA went through a similar reorganization in 2015, setting up 10 new mission centers, covering four functional areas, such as counterintelligence and counterterrorism, and six geographic regions such as Europe, Eurasia and Africa.

NSA has been collecting data and planning for its reorganization for the better part of a year, including receiving more than 200 recommendations from employees.

Rogers said earlier this year that his goal is to ensure NSA is optimized for today and tomorrow.

“A chance like this, to take part in building something this important, doesn’t come along every day. I feel privileged to be working on it with you. I’m excited about the possibilities that NSA21 will open for us as we move forward,” Rogers said in a message to the workforce.

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