DoD Reporter’s Notebook top 10 for 2015

The whole point of our Inside the Reporter’s Notebook features — both the DoD version you’re reading now and the more expansive and governmentwide edition curated by my esteemed colleague Jason Miller — is to highlight news tidbits that might not otherwise appear on our homepage or be covered in any media.

We started the “notebook” feature as a way to compile odds and ends of news that would otherwise slip through the cracks in our daily coverage of any given week’s events, and it’s been interesting and gratifying to see how much attention the notebook has gotten.

Many of this year’s items came directly from the readers and listeners who work and live in the areas we cover ever day. Thanks to all of you, and please continue your contributions via email to me and to Jason.

Here are the 10 DoD Reporter’s Notebook postings that garnered the most interest among our readers during 2015, as measured by how many people clicked on a given “notebook” posting on our website or via our email subscription service:

  1. 2015 a ‘pivotal year’ on path to clean DoD audit, which is also quite expensive
  2. Key piece of Pentagon’s insider threat program coming online
  3. Navy Yard whistleblowers warned of security gaps
  4. RAND analysis finds Army downsizing plan inadequate for current defense commitments
  5. Army tells commanders to move out of and mothball older facilities
  6. Work orders new effort to cut Pentagon’s administrative layers, reassess service contracts
  7. DoD declassifies its long-awaited joint doctrine for cyberspace operations
  8. Pentagon readies standup of regional cyber defense commands
  9. Pentagon dipping its toe into BYOD
  10. Pentagon seeks to speed up its investigations of official misconduct