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Expert Edition: Great Power Competition – Taking the Long View

Defense Department leaders and others across government realize that the country must take a long view when it comes to keeping pace with near-peer competitors like China. The federal government also must look beyond just military might, which although a critical element is not the only factor in the U.S. maintaining its standing globally.

As the Government Accountability Office detailed in 2021, keeping pace with China illustrates the multifaceted challenges that DoD (and the government generally, to be fair) faces in competing globally. “The good news is that DoD knows this and is taking action, although our work has found that DoD will need to continue its course and strengthen its capabilities to be best positioned to face this threat,” notes Cathy Berrick, managing director of GAO’s Defense Capabilities and Management Team.

In this ebookFederal News Network provides a look at the breadth of those challenges as well as offers insights about how federal agencies and organizations are tackling or plan to tackle the great power competition. We have included experts from:

·      Congressional Research Service
·      Defense Department
·      International Development Finance Corporation
·      Government Accountability Office
·      National Defense Industrial Association
·      NSF’s National Science Board
·      National Security Agency
·      National Security Commission on AI
·      Special Competitive Studies Project

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