Thai junta chief gives thumbs-up to Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’

BANGKOK (AP) — The late British writer and social critic George Orwell appears to be back in the good graces of Thailand’s military rulers after a spell in the doghouse five years ago.

Deputy government spokesman Werachon Sukondhapatipak, summing up Prayuth’s political thoughts as the country prepares to install a new elected government, said his boss recommended reading the Thai edition of “Animal Farm,” ”which is a book that leaves important lessons on how to live life.”

Prayuth’s plug on Wednesday for “Animal Farm” reflected a more positive view of Orwell’s work than the military had right after Prayuth seized power in a May 2014 coup. Protesters comparing military rule to the fictional dystopia of Orwell’s “1984” read the book in public places and were dragged off.

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