Baltimore Symphony resumes rehearsals in small groups

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has implemented new ways for its musicians to rehearse and for its fans to enjoy a show amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In July, the orchestra canceled all concerts through Nov. 29. Now it’s introducing a new digital concert series called “BSO Sessions,” TV station WJZ reported.

And, for the past three weeks, the orchestra has been bringing in musicians eight at a time to practice in person on stage, while following safety protocols including mask-wearing, temperature checks and social distancing.

“Even the stage flats have been reviewed by experts in public health and engineering to ensure that we have ample distance between musicians to allow for aerosols,” Tonya McBride Robles, the orchestra’s vice president and chief operating officer, told the station.

Tickets for the digital concert series, which premieres Oct. 14, go on sale this week.

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