Review: Madi Diaz’s new album ‘History of a Feeling’ shines

“History of a Feeling,” Madi Diaz (ANTI-)

Singer-songwriter Madi Diaz is simply stunning on “History of a Feeling,” her debut album with her new label ANTI-.

Rage, despair, love and loss are all evocatively explored with Diaz’s voice carrying the day as the best instrument in the studio.

On “Nervous,” over a bed of muted guitar, Diaz displays so much natural control over her voice it’s as though she is playing it like a flute. Through speed variations and pitch changes, she shines on this track about coming to terms with false feelings.

The songwriting on “History of a Feeling” is undeniably strong throughout. “Crying in Public” is both lovely and heartbreaking, and Diaz allows us on the journey with her. It’s also one Zedd remix away from being an EDM hit, but I digress.

The best track, easily, is “Man in Me.” It’s a scorching examination of love and passion, the things we wish we could take back (while knowing it’s too late) and if any song in 2021 will make you reach faster for a box of tissues and double-churned ice cream, this might be it. “I’m not proud of kicking in your bathroom door/ Or screaming at you I don’t know you anymore,” are the kind of lyrics you run from and to at the same time.

Madi Diaz has been on a steady build for the past decade. “History of a Feeling” is a shining release and proves her best is here and ahead.


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