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Hollywood actors to resume negotiations with studios next week, as protracted writers strike ends

In Hollywood writers’ battle against AI, humans win (for now)

Bruce Springsteen postpones all 2023 tour dates until 2024 as he recovers from peptic ulcer disease

Erotic thrillers of ‘80s,’90s inspire twisty French film ‘The Origin of Evil’

Rachel Bloom turns pandemic trauma into art and even laughs in her new off-Broadway show

Quincy Jones is State Department’s first Peace Through Music Award as part of new diplomacy push

Here’s when your favorite show will return now that the writers strike is ending

Jonas Kaufmann battles back from infection in Claus Guth’s ‘Doppleganger’

At Jai Paul’s kickoff show, an elusive pop phenomenon proves his stardom in a live arena

Rising star Jasmine Amy Rogers is tapped to play iconic Betty Boop in new stage musical

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