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Swift bests Scorsese at box office, but ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ opens strongly

New Netflix thriller tackling theme of justice in Nigeria is a global hit and a boon for Nollywood

Philadelphia Orchestra and musicians agree to 3-year labor deal with 15.8% salary increase

ACTORS STRIKE PHOTOS: See images from the 100 days film and TV actors have been picketing

The Hollywood actors strike hits 100 days. Why hasn’t a deal been reached and what’s next?

There isn’t much Cher hasn’t done in her career. A Christmas album is new territory, though

What’s that bar band playing ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’? Oh, it’s the Rolling Stones!

Britney Spears’ book ‘The Woman In Me’ makes private details public, and public events personal

Carín León and Formula One’s Sergio Pérez discuss their musical collaboration, ‘Por La Familia’

Spain’s royals honor Asturias prize winners, including Meryl Streep and Haruki Murakami

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