AFGE president urges furloughed employees to file MSPB appeals – May 31, 2013

J. David Cox Sr.
AFGE National President

  • Encouraging furloughed federal employees to file appeals with the Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Furlough impact on employee morale, personal finances and the economy

Dave Cann
AFGE Field Services and Education Director

  • Resources available to AFGE members facing furloughs, including a furlough toolkit, MSPB appeal workshops and sequestration hotline

Matt Milledge
AFGE Assistant General Counsel

  • Appeal rights of federal employees who receive furlough notices

Don Hale
AFGE Defense Conference Chair

  • Argument against Defense Department’s decision to furlough civilian employees
  • Sequestration’s effects on military readiness and the war effort
  • The difference between targeted cuts and across-the-board cuts