Putting the Custom back into Customer Experience


For federal agencies in the 1980s, the idea for interacting more effectively with citizens was called “service to the citizen.” In the intervening years, online transactions came into federal interactions with people. As websites developed into places people could conduct transactions, the metrics for success became different and more difficult to track.

Today, according to digital government experts from Deloitte, agencies are embarking on a process to tie together the online, in-person and on-the-phone transactions that people have into a unified approach. Rather than focus on each channel of communication as a stovepipe, the new view takes what’s called an omni-channel approach towards the goal of, not transactions along but rather a total customer experience.

Achieving a high degree of satisfaction requires knowing what citizens really want in a given situation, and tracing their interactions in a process known as journey mapping. In the following three videos, Deloitte Digital executives discuss the implications of customer experience.

Deloitte Digital Principal and Customer Strategy Specialist Greg Pellegrino discusses the omni-channel approach and how agencies need to rethink the older customer satisfaction approach.  Also how the U.S. Digital Services and 18F development teams can help.

Consulting Principal Jason Manstof talks about the need for a new federal position, namely chief customer officer or in some instances a private-sector-sounding chief marketing officer. Such a person can bring various agency functions together to better focus on customer experience.

Nishita Henry, technology principal, adds a discussion of what the CIO’s role will be in customer experience. No longer just the network and PC people, CIOs need to become partners with the mission owners to achieve CX.

Watch these videos as you plan the next phase of your agency’s digital, citizen-centric journey.



Federal Drive host Tom Temin

Tom Temin, Federal News Radio

Tom Temin has been the host of the Federal Drive since 2006. Tom has been reporting on and providing insight to technology markets for more than 30 years.  Prior to joining Federal News Radio, Tom was a long-serving editor-in-chief of Government Computer News and Washington Technology magazines. Tom also contributes a regular column on government information technology.



Greg PellegrinoGreg Pellegrino, Principal, Deloitte Digital

Greg currently leads Deloitte’s relationship with the Department of Justice. With more than 30 years of experience in serving both public and private sector clients, Greg is recognized for combining vision and creative insight to help government leaders navigate complexity, boost performance and anticipate change. Greg has been featured in television and print media around the world, including CNBC, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal.


Jason ManstofJason Manstof, Principal, Deloitte Digital

Jason is a Deloitte Consulting LLP principal in Monitor Deloitte’s Strategy Practice. He has more than 14 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Jason’s primary areas of focus include corporate and business unit strategy, marketing and customer strategy, operating model strategy, and innovation. Jason works with CEOs and marketing executives nationally and internationally to develop growth strategies and enter markets with new products and services.


Nishita HenryNishita Henry, Principal, Deloitte Digital

Nishita is a Technology principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and specializes in customer focused technology and strategic leadership for public sector CIOs. Nishita advises CIOs on legacy modernization and IT strategy, while encouraging customer-focused technology solutions. Nishita currently serves as the LCSP for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), leads Deloitte’s work at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, and serves as the technology leader of the Federal Customer/Digital Market Offering where she provides service to FDA, the VA, and Amtrak.