Meeting Government’s Mobile Mission


Citizen demand for mobility is greater than ever and it’s changing how the public interacts with government. In “Meeting Government’s Mobile Mission,” Sean Frazier, chief technology evangelist for MobileIron’s Public Sector Practice, addressed three key points: mobile as the new normal, challenges and opportunities in the public sector and applications as the driver of mobility’s future.

Frazier said that while mobility has been around for a while in various forms, companies like Microsoft have changed the way mobility is viewed.

“When you look at what they’re doing with Windows 10 and it’s very mobile-focused,” he said. “Where they’ve taken the desktop and turned it more mobile versus taking mobility and turning it more to the desktop.”

Going from desktops and laptops to now mobile phones and tablets is just a “natural evolution,” according to Frazier.

“I can do business and do my job wherever I am,” he added. “Starbucks, I can be on a plane, I can be in an airport, I could be on a boat, and I could still do exactly what I needed to do without sitting at a desktop.”

In terms of security, Frazier says it’s evolving and while companies like Apple and Google have done a good job with their security and capabilities, there is a misconception that mobile is less secure than desktops and laptops.

“These operating systems were built from the ground up with security in mind,” Frazier said. “There’s a security advantage to having PKI and Apple baked that into their operating system. So from the ground up, they’ve really been thinking about the security model of their environment.”

To learn more about mobility, its role in government and the enterprise, and the future of applications, view “Meeting Government’s Mobile Mission.”



Jason FornicolaJason Fornicola, Director of Custom Media, Federal News Radio

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Sean FrazierSean Frazier, Chief Technology Evangelist, MobileIron Public Sector Practice

Sean Frazier is the Chief Technical Evangelist for Mobileiron’s public sector practice. He works with mobility industry leaders in the area of device and application security for Mobileiron’s government customers and partners to provide solutions to ongoing mobility challenges. These challenges, and Sean’s expertise cut across a wide variety of technologies from networks to content capabilities to mobile applications. Sean has over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, ranging from network and content security to applications and mobility. Prior to his role @ Mobileiron, Sean worked at many other technology companies, focused on public sector cybersecurity, such as Cisco, Netscape & Loudcloud/Opsware.