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Get closer to the mission by unlocking the power of the network

As federal information technology professionals assess the landscape of change and new technologies, the network is a key component not to overlook. Employing IoT, securing data or moving to the cloud all require the underpinning of a stable and secure network.

Verizon’s Public Sector Chief Technology Officer Steve LeFrancois spoke with Federal News Network on how improvements to the network can help federal agencies get closer to the mission.

Topics ranged from understanding 5G to scaling network resources, cybersecurity and using the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract as a vehicle to modernize. 5G will give government the ability to manage and transport massive amounts of data. Implementing this technology can alleviate pressure on data centers and drastically reduce latency. Network improvements can improve cybersecurity, too. New tools are being deployed to allow faster security detection and response.

In the face of new and ongoing advancements to technology, EIS is the procurement vehicle that enables agencies to modernize.

5G Technology

Start to prepare for the volume of additional information you’re going to see across your enterprise. When you start talking about readiness, it’s about readiness with machine learning and artificial intelligence, and how you apply it into your mission space.

The Network as Protection

You can’t secure what you can’t see. As we start talking about the evolution of software defined networks, it’s all about getting granular around application performance and what’s happening across the network; looking at patterns of behavior. Now security, network operations and application performance are getting woven together in an as-a-service model.

The Modernization of Federal Agencies

The business case for transformation [can be] cost savings, but it also could be, ‘how can I enhance my agency’s mission’ or ‘maybe I’ll enable new missions.'

Featured speakers

  • Steve LeFrancois

    Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, Verizon

  • John Gilroy

    Host of Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Network