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Federal budgeting: There IS a better way

Would you run a billion dollar corporation’s budgeting operation using spreadsheets? A 10 billion dollar corporation? Hundred billion?

Of course not. But that’s what too many federal agencies still do. It’s a long, arduous, time-consuming process. It may get budgets done, but it lacks the analytical and modeling capabilities what would take budgeting into the sphere of true performance-based and what-if scenarios.

Deloitte Consulting LLP Managing Director Bard Woltman and Senior Manager Sean Lublin describe a powerful tool and methodology to achieve modern, dynamic budgeting.

Budget Modernization Strategy

“A multi-dimensional data model allows for views that traditional relational databases just can’t provide.”

Better Budgeting Process

“Our tools in the market today enable connection between the narratives so when users are typing in their narratives in their budget justifications it links immediately to the data that has been created through the budget formulation process."

BudgetSync: A Tool for Modernizing the Budgeting Process

“We have specific client examples where we have implemented this suite of tools, and it has resulted in taking processes that were weeks and months long down to days and hours long.”

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