How to Best Meet HR-LOB Performance Management Requirements

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With the increased emphasis on managing and rewarding high performers and addressing low performers, many federal agencies are reevaluating how they handle performance management. Legacy software systems are increasingly unable to meet evolving needs, and off-the-shelf solutions used by private sector companies frequently fail to address issues specific to the Federal Government.

To guide agencies in choosing the right software, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) laid out specific HR-LOB requirements for these processes. These outline both the functional processes as well as the security parameters that software platforms are expected to deliver to meet federal requirements. When evaluating potential vendors and software solutions, this list should act as a guide for the decision-making process.

Meeting OPM’s HR-LOB Requirements

The Human Resources Line of Business (HR-LOB) was tasked by OMB with developing a framework that outlines the minimum of requirements for service providers to cover the employee lifecycle. The framework for performance management was released in 2016 outlining business needs and rules, and the service delivery capabilities required from any vendors working with government agencies.

HR-LOB lists 72 specific requirements that performance management services must be able to meet for the Federal Government. While there are some functions agencies would deem more important than others, a complete performance management suite should strive to meet all 72 of these requirements to ensure it is ready for all situations an organization might face.

The requirements include items such as:

  • Defining the timeline for establishing, approving and signing performance plans;
  • Establishing a minimum appraisal period;
  • Establishing systems by which to create, modify, and view performance plans at any time; and
  • Supporting the development of new employee performance plans to meet applicable rules, laws and regulations.

As agencies undergo restructuring and revise their performance management processes, it’s more important than ever to use a system that meets these core requirements. Market research should reveal quickly if a vendor is prepared to meet the HR-LOB requirements. Inquire with potentials vendors about their ability to meet HR-LOB requirements.

Going Beyond the Basics

Experienced federal HR vendors know that agencies need more tailored and flexible solutions that adapt well to the unique processes, workflows and other procured solutions that already exist. Rather than an approach that attempts to force fit the unique platform features of a private-sector software company, agencies need vendors who readily anticipate adapting their software to meet the unique features of the agencies environment.

Additionally, we recommend agencies look for these features: documentation support for certain personnel actions, performance award criteria management, awards reporting, and history review for certain monetary and non-monetary components by managers and executives. The system should integrate with existing modules for hiring, awards and employee and labor relations.

These guidelines are designed to ensure agencies are able to offer a consistent level of service that matches the needs of their employees while meeting the requirements of executive orders and policy statements as they relate to performance management.

Evaluating Performance Management Options

Flexibility is a must for any performance management solution. Requirements change, and individual agencies may have unique needs others do not. A software solution designed for federal use that meets all OPM HR-LOB requirements and is configurable to meet the specific needs of individual agency organizations can be a major upgrade over legacy software or off the shelf solutions not designed for federal use.

Considering price is always important. Performance management software can vary broadly. In our market research of GSA rates for performance management, we found pricing from as low as $8 per employee to as much as $34 per employee. Pricing varies depending on agency size and will not include implementation in most cases. At EconSys, we are proud to offer a solution to federal agencies that meets HR-LOB requirements while being on the lower end in terms of costs.

Adaptable to any agency’s personalized performance management process, FedHR Navigator is built with flexibility in mind. It is designed to streamline and augment the performance management process and offers a more competitive and comprehensive solution than other tools on the market, including OPM’s recently released USA Performance system.

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