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Thriving in a technology world comprised of unyielding and dynamic change

SAIC is a leader in the area of helping federal agencies reduce cost and increase flexibility through modernization. This hard-fought reputation resulted from SAIC being able to identify concepts that transcend agencies and enable them to help with transition from expensive and slow-to-change existing technology to agile and responsive systems.

Sanjay Sardar, vice president of modernization and digital transformation at SAIC, recently talked with Federal News Network about three areas that impact federal information technology: trends, challenges, and innovation in acquisition. Sanjay addressed how SAIC helps federal technology professionals use technology to achieve the agency mission. With a focus on technology, he talked about modernization trends, challenges, and what role acquisition plays in this transition.



In today's world of dynamically evolving threats, cyber has to be a concern for every modernization effort. And it's not that you have to think about cyber. Cyber has to be built in.



You have to understand the mission of the agency when you're making these kinds of disruptive changes. Change is complex.



So technology business management really is ... about providing transparency and accountability to these IT efforts, and tying them into a financial framework that can be used across government, across industry.


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  • Sanjay Sardar

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