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Special edition of the Sales Game Changers Podcast in partnership with Federal News Network

This is a special edition of the Sales Game Changers Podcast in partnership with Federal News Network. This show was recorded in the Federal News Network “Think Tank,” where government and industry go to provide the federal audience with compelling and actionable content for federal executives and the contractors looking to do business with them. This panel covers how some top technology providers have adjusted to the unique buying processes and needs of the federal government.

With nearly $100 billion in federal IT spending each year, companies must have a defined strategy to market their products and services. Included in that strategy, these companies have defined their partner ecosystem, sales process – which accounts for longer acquisition cycles – and requirements and certifications unique to this space.

Ultimately, like most enterprise sales, it comes down to solving a problem for the customer and helping them to understand how your company can be part of their solution. Understanding the needs of your client and addressing that with relevant and quality products is the basis of all business development.

Segment 1

I think it's really important to make sure that that my sellers always stay focused on the customer and keeping the customer at the center from the mission perspective.

Segment 2

Creating that long term relationship is really only done in person.

Segment 3

The federal government really isn't interested in you coming in and pitching. That's not the nature of the sale or the engagement. It's really about learning.

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