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The ‘new normal’ is a challenge for network and security staffs

The pandemic-induced mass teleworking of the federal government is fast approaching the six month mark. That’s long enough for agency managers to gain a deep understanding of the technical and security requirements of a workforce that’s largely not in the office. And of how productive such a workforce can be.

The result: The likelihood that a mixed workforce – field employees, teleworkers and those in the office – will become the permanent model.

The new model creates fresh cybersecurity challenges. It expands the need for visibility into network activity and the devices users employ in their daily work. It calls for modernizing approaches to identity, credential and access management.

For strategy insight into this new normal, a panel of federal practitioners convened to discuss them.

Agency Telework Response

The architecture has to change to embrace this new operating model. And there does not seem to be an end to this operating model. We’ve demonstrated that we can secure the networks, we can deliver on the missions of our organizations … and do it in a distributed manner.

CDM in the Telework Environment

What we’re doing at DHS headquarters is actually combining the network operations center and the security operations center. The initiative is bring those pieces together so you have situational awareness of what’s happening across the board.

TIC 3.0 and the Telework Environment

There’s a lot of innovation in the applications space to provide recreation hosted on a personal device. I’m personally mindful of the type of data those systems collect, and where that data goes and what can be done with it. It’s a responsibility we need to educate each individual on. There’s risk there that has to be managed.

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Panel of experts

  • Karen Evans

    Chief Information Officer, Department of Homeland Security

  • Brian Gattoni

    Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

  • Robert Carey

    Vice President, General Manager, Global Public Sector Solutions, RSA

  • Tom Temin

    Host, The Federal Drive, Federal News Network

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