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Cloud strategies to fulfill the mission

Digital technologies have been steadily transforming the basic function of person-to-person communications for many years. In critical- or emergency communications, the trend has been towards voice and data convergence on increasingly smart devices.

Now the growth in commercial cloud usage has start to encompass, among many other applications, communications services such as call centers, dispatch, and services requiring delivery of data along with human interaction. Among the benefits, agencies can use cloud hosted services to augment and provide backup for their existing comms infrastructures housed in their own data centers.

To explore these trends and what agencies are doing and planning, Federal News Network and Motorola Solutions brought together a panel of federal communications and technology practitioners.

Solutions for Integrated Communications

One of the major lines of effort in the Corps is the disaster relief mission. We’ve been working with our mission partners to deploy a lot of mobile units, to provide and establish communications where those lines might be broken. Covid 19 was a good example [of] building alternate care facilities, being able to perform missions at the tactical edge.

Cloud Hosted Services

One of the things we have found with using in cloud-based integrated voice and data solutions for communications or collaboration, if you’re doing an event with multiple people external or internal to the agency, [these solutions] in near real time do translations into multiple languages. Then we can … do a search later on using metadata tags for a particular event, or a name or some metadata that you’re looking for.

Future of Hardware and Software Requirements

We are certainly moving toward this idea of cloud-based enablement of new functionality. So how do we augment current capabilities with cloud-based capabilities? As we get to cloud-based call processing around traditional land mobile radio networks, rather than a customer having to build their own redundancy … [they can] fail back over to a community cloud-based call processing center.

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Panel of experts

  • Pat Flanders

    Chief Information Officer, Defense Health Agency

  • Tom Hines

    Director, Engineering and Technology Transformation, Military Health System

  • Sanjay Gupta

    Chief Technology Officer, Small Business Administration

  • Dovarius Peoples

    Chief Information Officer/G-6, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Mark McNulty

    Corporate Vice President & General Manager, U.S. Federal Government Markets, Motorola Solutions

  • Tom Temin

    Host, The Federal Drive, Federal News Network