Record seizure for the Secret Service

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • A good haul for the Secret Service. The agency says it seized 30 million counterfeit U.S. dollars and 50 thousand Euros in an investigation that involved six criminal organizations based in Peru. This is the service’s largest seizure of counterfeit currency ever. Officials say collaboration with the Peruvian government was a major key to the investigation’s success. (Secret Service)
  • A postal worker in Georgia is indicted for his role in a stolen identity fraud scheme. A federal grand jury says Harold Coley provided addresses on his route that his co-conspirators used to have fraudulent federal income tax refund checks sent. Coley was paid by them to retrieve the checks. If convicted he faces major jail time as each count of mail fraud can get you up to 20 years. (Department of Justice)
  • The Agriculture Department lets us know what it got for the investments the agency made in scientific research for 2015. All in all there were 222 new inventions. Some of the more interesting ones, computer chips made from wood fiber, mosquito-resistant uniforms for the military, and robotic apple pickers. (U.S. Department of Agriculture)