Where are you spending Independence Day?

Whether you are participating in a family cookout or handling air traffic, have fun and enjoy.

In addition to being our country’s big national holiday — and mid-summer celebration — it’s one of those holidays where you can actually loosen up and have fun.  Which is the plan here are Federal News Network where a number of us (including yours truly) are celebrating by not being at work.

If you are on the job today — helping in defense, security, public safety or public health, thanks from those of us lucky enough to be off duty.

Nearly Useless Factoid

By Terry Wing


The phrase “as American as apple pie” is misleading. Like pies, apples were a European import as well. Unlike America, where only the crab apple is native, England had more than 70 apple types by the 1600s, all developed by the Middle Eastern stock brought by the Romans. The Mayflower carried apple seeds, and the first orchard in the new world was planted on Beacon Hill in Boston in 1625.

Source: The U.S. Apple Assn.

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