A discussion about real time intelligence analysis

June 15, 2010 — Everybody working for the federal government has a different meaning to the term “intelligence analysis.”

For some, it is viewing images from a satellite; for others, it is gathering information from thousands of sensors in varied locations.

In many military situations, this information can be generated from sensors in the ground or in the water.

The proliferation of information from so many device makes it hard to filter information and discern the data that will assist in making a decision.


Combining that with requirements to have that data transferred around the world before a decision is make, you are asking for trouble.

If you are in a situation where real time decisions must be made, you require tools to eliminate the false positives and generate data that will help save lives.

Dr. James DeBardelaben from IvySys discusses the methods his company uses to automatically analyze data and get it into the hands of decision makers in the field.

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