IT Service Management and enterprise architecture

June 8, 2010 — Every federal IT professional has heard term ‘ITIL’ bantered around the office.

It stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library — a way to organize information in large organizations.

This concept started in England and has found widespread adoption in very large commercial organizations as well as governmental agencies.

Today’s interview is with an ITIL expert from DISA, Drew Jaehnig, and a ITIL authority from the commercial sector, Wendy Irion-Talbot, Vice President of Business Process Management for CSC’s North American Public Sector.


Learn how to differentiate between IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL.

In fact, DISA has a new policy regarding ISTM and the formation of the office.

What role does enterprise architecture play regarding ITSM concepts.

It is obvious that no tool or technology will fix a dysfunctional organization — if you start with a reasonably designed system, then productivity will follow.

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