Managing mobile technology at your agency

September 27, 2011 — Federal IT professionals must resign themselves to the fact that they live in world of BYOD — Bring Your Own Device.

Whether you like it or not, federal employees are waltzing into the office with everything from a Blackberry to a smart phone to an iPad. From the perspective of someone in the trenches- how do you manage this madness?

When it comes to managing desktops one only has to worry about, essentially, a Microsoft Windows environment.

However, in the mobile world, you have to manage operating systems as diverse as Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, perhaps even Windows.

It is difficult to understand the nuances of all the patches of the varying operating systems without even beginning to grasp the new models that seem to come out weekly.

Maas360 works with commercial and federal organizations to help manage this increasingly heterogeneous environment.

They supply a easy-to-install cloud solution – some may call it a managed solution.

It will automatically detect devices.

On today’s show, host John Gilroy will interview Jeff Ward, vice president of federal sales at MaaS360, and Josh Lambert MaaS360’s iOS Production Manger.

Ward is a veteran to the federal IT community and understands compliance and security regulations.

Lambert has technical expertise in the area of mobile operating systems.

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