How innovation can help you do more with less

Tracey Graves-Stevens, President and CEO, Innoviss.

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November 15, 2011 — We are well aware that the federal government must effectively meet the daily challenges it faces when it comes to conquering tighter budgets, ever-changing technology options, and ongoing delivery demands.

No matter the initiative – cloud computing, virtualization, health IT, mobile computing, or cyber security – the current environment is forcing agencies to think “outside-the-box,” ensuring projects are low risk with a high rate of return.

Doing more with less is a reality, and doing it with the confidence that is a result of proven innovation and solutions is key.

Tracy Graves-Stevens, President and CEO of Innoviss, joins host John Gilroy to talk about the importance of embracing agile development and seizing new technology opportunities to deliver uncompromised innovation, all while greatly mitigating the risk to the government.


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