Predictive analytics

November 1, 2011 — When most listeners hear the term “predictive analytics” they think of systems that use statistical modeling in finance or insurance.

Today’s show focues on how to collect data from systems and make predictions as to reliability of the systems themselves – everything from ability to scale to serious downtime issues.

Host John Gilroy interviews Daniel Heimlich, vice president of Netuitive, which takes the basic concept and applies analytics to the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

Netuitve has a set of patented algorithms that work in the area of application performance, cloud management, and virtualization optimization.

This field is perhaps the next step in moving to the cloud.

If an agency has several application that are integrated into a cloud system, it is important to be able to manage the operation of each system in the cloud.

When you make a move to the cloud, you get a fluid structure and, along with that, you get the challenge of all systems interoperating together in an efficient manner.

The offering from Netuitive will give you a visualization of the status of the system.

Federal IT professionals should know about this technology because it has been successfully managed a massive private cloud of 130,000 virtual machines.



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