Agile software development

August 7, 2012 — Most listeners are familiar with Vivek Kundra’s 25 points; very few know that three of those points focus on a flexible, modular way to develop software.

Kundra mentioned developing software in terms of “chunks.”

Today’s interview highlights this flexible way of software development.

Host John Gilroy will be joined by two experts of agile software development, Bob Payne, vice president of Enterprise Agile Consulting at LitheSpeed, and Nathaniel Cadwell, Agile coach and owner at LiftHand, LLC.

Federal IT professionals are curious about changing to a modular approach and seek information on how to acquire software using an agile framework.

During today’s program, Payne and Cadwell will discuss how agile software development can be applied specifically to federal projects.

They will talk about terms like “Sprints” and “Product Backlogs.”

The focus of the interview is to give listeners information about ways to learn more at an event in October called Agile DC.

They expect over 500 people to attend to get face-to-face knowledge about changing from a traditional “waterfall” method


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