How to manage a successful enterprise IT project: CADE2

May 14, 2013 — After a while, everybody get sick of hearing about failed federal IT initiatives.

How about some good news?

Today we have a success story from a well-known agency, the Internal Revenue Service.

Terry Milholland is the CIO of the IRS and he tells the story of a failed project that was brought back to life.

For fifty years the IRS used a very accurate system that was slow.

Congress decided to remedy the situation by instituting some reforms via the Internal Revenue Restructuring Reform Act of 1998.

The Customer Account Data Engine was the result of that initiative and by 2004 it was seriously behind schedule.

In 2008, the IRS looked for a person with experience in enterprise portfolio management.

Terry Milholland had worked on massive projects at Boeing and Visa and decided to accept the challenge.

The results are amazing: he helped the IRS increase electronic tax filings by 400%.

Today, almost 78% of tax returns are processed electronically, increasing accuracy and speeding the time to return checks to citizens.

During the interview you will hear the key to success in large projects, deciding between in house and out sourcing management, and how to structure portfolios for growth and change.


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