Convergence in storage systems

March 25, 2014 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk”, host John Gilroy interviews Dave Gwyn and Chris Howard, vice presidents of Federal sales, at Nutanix.

Government agencies are under significant pressure to modernize their IT operations to support directives such as green initiatives, telecommuting, cloud adoption, big data and datacenter consolidation.

Although virtualization is the answer for many of these critical modernization efforts, the biggest obstacle lies in how to avoid the pitfalls and challenges that often interfere.

During the interview you will learn of a new type of virtualization architecture developed by Nutanix is fundamentally changing the way datacenters are designed and managed.

Its converged infrastructure approach eliminates the need for costly and complex storage area networks by integrating high-performance storage and compute into one unified appliance.

Their web-scale infrastructure solution is modular and scalable and delivers significant cost savings, more efficiency and faster performance.


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