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Tom Greiner & Vanessa Godshalk. Accenture

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April 29, 2014 — Today’s interview on “Federal Tech Talk”, is with two thought leaders from Accenture: Tom Greiner, managing director, Technology and Vanessa Godshalk, managing director, Talent and Organization.

They addressed a tech problem that few are even willing to mention: career paths for federal information technology professionals.

Greiner has over twenty seven years working with a wide range of clients at Accenture. From his perspective, hiring managers for the federal government face the same challenges as their commercial counterparts—rapidly changing technology, an increasing resentment for formal occupation, and no real way to map out a career path for tech types. During the interview, he discussed options that software developers could take to advance their careers.

Godshalk is tasked with seeking out professional talent that will work in the federal environment. In the interview she highlighted the specific skill sets that successful careers require. She mentioned the value of validation of skill sets demonstrated by certifications from organizations like the PMI (Practice Management Institute).

Listen to the interview to get a fresh perspective on developing federal IT staff and helping your agency achieve its goals.


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